Office work and daily movement – how I’ve been moving more without alienating my colleagues

I'm a bit obsessed with Katie Bowman of late. I think David is probably sick of hearing me say 'Katie Bowman says…'. But one really interesting thing that I heard Katie Bowman say (which she actually said quite a while ago as I heard it listening to one of her earliest podcasts called 'Casts') was that there are plenty of cultural casts that encourage us not to move or tell us not to move. Since my return to work, I can see this so clearly. As David and I have discussed a lot, … [Read more...]


Anne-Marie Slaughter famously challenged the myth that women can have it all in the context of demanding careers and being a mother.  Her thesis was pretty simple: that, in the current way that society and professional work was set up, many women (including herself) can't find the right work-life balance.  Professional success comes at the expense of family life in most cases.  In our family, this applies to David and I equally - we are both making decisions that support … [Read more...]

Are jackets optional?

Lou hates jackets and she's not a big fan of shoes either. She prefers no shoes and will usually remove them the first chance she gets and then it's a giant battle to get them back on. And it's still winter, with morning temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius, and highs of 12 to 14 or so. So not quite freezing, but still requiring a jacket or shoes or so one would think… But Lou refuses. Usually we can get her to wear shoes out, as there have been a few instances of getting glass or … [Read more...]

Camping with kids (in winter!)

So…we went camping, with an almost five year old and a one year old, in the middle of a Victorian winter and…it was fun! In fact, the only thing that stopped it from being completely fantastic was me and all my needless worrying. Story of my life really. Anyway, back to camping. We decided to go to Warburton, a small village on the Yarra River about 90 minutes for Melbourne. We decided on camping because it's cheap, but also because it fits with our priorities of spending time outside … [Read more...]