It’s nice to be (and leave the car at) home

We just got home after three weeks in Newcastle and the Central Coast. It was a super long drive there, plus driving constantly while we were there was necessary as there wasn’t much in walking distance of the places we stayed and very little in the way of public transport.

First day back in Melbourne and we head, on foot of course, to the market. Lou rides her new scooter happily. We got great coffee from Market Lane, organic and local fruit and veg, and some organic meat. On the way out we picked up some flowers (also local) for friends we were visiting and then walked home using the pram as our trolley and carrying Belle as needed.

The stars might not be as bright here as they are in Gundagai, but there are benefits to city living. It’s far easy to get in incidental movement when you have the things you need in walking distance.

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