Family adventure day – Werribee Open Range Zoo

We are all about the mini adventure at the moment. Sometimes a day or two is all you need if you spend it connecting, moving and being outside.

It’s an unusual mid-week public holiday so we decide to take a trip to the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Our family membership had lapsed, but we forked out the money to renew it, as you make your money back after a few visits and it means you can be relaxed about your visit – after all, you can come as often as you want!

We were helpfully told that the new lion cubs were in the enclosure for the next hour so we headed to the back to the zoo to the lion enclosure first, and were rewarded by seeing four sleeping babies with their ever alert mum (but sleeping dad of course!). We then headed towards the hippos. The paths to and from each exhibit have lots to look at and lots of activities to do. We stopped at a sandpit with a lion skeleton and the kids of course ditched their shoes instantly and explored. We walked to the hippos who were hanging out the back out of the water, but the kids were much more interested in the water play area and the other play equipment than the hippos.

We did some life stacking and met a friend there with her two kids, so the four kids ran around playing tigers and getting wet before coming and demanding food. We were organised for once and brought lunches and snacks. Jar salads for David and I and gluten-free sandwiches for the kids (which I love that they think of as a treat!) with cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Snacks were apples, carrots and tamari almonds. I think apples are probably out of season now, but it’s hard to give them up!

After all that running around, we thought it was the perfect time to do the safari bus ride, where you ride out to the ‘savannah’ to see giraffes, zebras, antelopes etc. in an open plain. It’s cool seeing the animals free(ish) and behaving more naturally that you normally see them doing at zoos. The kids thought the bus with it’s open sides was super -exciting and spent a lot of time squealing…

We went to the playground near the entry after that to burn of energy, and then went into the great inside play space where the kids get to pretend to be a vet or a zookeeper.

We had a great day and got home in time to scooter out in the street and go pretend camping in the backyard. Small adventures are the way to go!

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