Family adventure – Newport Lakes


On Saturday we went and explored Newport Lakes for a few hours as part of our plan for our family to have a weekly ‘family adventure day’. This is where we get out in nature and move and explore as a family.

Newport Lakes is a bushland area created from a former blustone quarry and rubbish tip site in the middle of Newport.

The park is 33 hectares in size. The lakes area of the park has been extensively revegetated using native plants, with over 200 species of plants and 85 species of birds. We also saw many carp and an eel in the lake.

It’s really an amazing place, a true bushland feel in the middle of suburbia. It also has a lovely native plant nursery which is worth a visit.


Despite the fact that it was past lunchtime when we arrived, it was difficult to get the kids to stop and sit as they were so excited to explore. We did eventually get them to settle in a grassy spot to eat our picnic, but not for long as it started to rain quite heavily. We ran of down one of the trails to find a suitable tree to shelter under and all got a bit wet but the kids seemed to find that exciting. Lou then developed an obsession with finding shelter even though the rain cleared quickly.

After all the excitement, Belle was due for a sleep so we settled her in the pram and kept on walking. We climbed rocks and trees and looked at leaf curling spiders. Lou was very happy excited when she found a dog lead and also by the colouring table at the native nursery. She helped me pick a chocolate lily and a native raspberry for us to grow – it is nice to keep the adventure going at home.


As city dwellers we need to consciously seek out our nature time and it’s our plan to have adventures like this each week. It was a truly lovely day and I’m looking forward to our next adventure!

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