Treat day – a solution to junk food bombardment?

Somedays I feel as though the world (well modern society) is conspiring against my aim of a healthy, toxin free diet for my family and I. I generally pack lunches and snacks for us all to save money and to make sure we have something good to eat, but when we are out with the kids there is temptation at every turn - babycinos that come with not one but two marshmallows, offers of free fairy floss and lolly pops, cupcakes at every cafe and at the moment a visiting Nanny who shares her milkshakes, … [Read more...]

Our approach to paleo baby food

I find that I explain to people that Belle is gluten/dairy/soy free because she gets bad eczema, which is true, but I don't generally go on to say that we're not super keen on her eating those things anyway. Why? Because people seem to go a bit nuts if you mention babies and paleo in the same breath. Here in Australia, Pete Evans was famously slammed for suggesting that babies be given a bone broth type concoction instead of infant formula. And rice cereal is universally accepted and promoted … [Read more...]

The Sunday roast

I'm going back to work on Monday three days per week after not being in the office since January of last year. It's a big change for our family... I've been thinking in the lead up to this of ways we can 'hack' our life to make things smoother for this transition and of course I think about food. I don't think our leisurely breakfasts of scrambled eggs and veggies are going to work with David needing to get both girls ready and to childcare before heading to work himself with me having already … [Read more...]

Fermentable fibre (or prebiotics) – what it is and easy ways to add more to your diet

Basically (and that's the level my understanding reaches on these matters - basic - as I don't have a science background) prebiotics are food for the microbes that live in our guts, as opposed to probiotics, which are the microbes ingested through food that also support gut health by repopulating our gut flora. I find it fascinating to think that I'm really an ecological community of different colonies of microorganisms, it confuses my sense of self in a good way. We are walking gardens for … [Read more...]