About us

photo - montage and about us

We are a small family from Melbourne, Australia, waking up from living unconsciously by trying new ideas, systems, processes and routines that fall outside of generally accepted wisdom on achieving health and happiness. We have adopted an experimental and open-minded approach to try different things and find out what really works to improve our lives. We started experimenting in 2013 when we tried a Whole30 for the first time. This led to us following a paleo-style diet and becoming conscious of what we were eating, as well as rejecting standard nutritional advice. In short, we started eating real food and feeling better for it. Once we realised standard diet advice was wrong, we started to wonder about everything else. We began to follow Mark Twain’s advice: ‘[w]henever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect’.

We hope that this blog will keep us committed to this process, as we will write about our experiments and record our results so that we end up with a consciously designed life that achieves the outcomes we want and perhaps provide some insights for others on a similar journey. We will no longer blindly follow mainstream advice that often seems to lead away from true health and happiness.

The outcomes we want are to improve our health through eating better, moving more and taking care of our mental and emotional health; improving our relationships with each other, our children, our extended families and friends, our communities and our environment, so that we have a strong sense of connection and so our children feel connected to a community; and lives which are simple, time-rich, experience-rich and creative. We hope that the experiences we have in seeking to achieve these outcomes will inspire and help others to do the same and to share their experiences, so that we can be part of a community of people living deliberately, and so that we can all be inspired by the efforts of others to wake up and boldly experiment.

Our approach will be based around making conscious evidenced-based decisions, using the following as our guiding principles for our self-experiments:

  • ancestral or evolutionary approach as our starting point to direct our thinking and ideas;
  • evidenced based research;
  • documented self-experiments to see what works best for us; and
  • honest self-reflection with an openness to learn, develop and humbly change our perspectives.

Jessica works three days a week as a human rights lawyer. When she’s at home, she spends her time caring for our two daughters, writing, cooking and learning to mediate and be non-reactive. She is focused on finding ways to simplify our home, systems and life to give us more time together as a family and to be creative. Her priorities are having great relationships with her family and friends and finding peace and contentment in daily life. Health wise, she is focused on maximising her daily movement and cooking nutrient dense whole foods for her family.


David currently works as a program manager. He he is passionate about making conscious changes to make life fun and healthy. He wants to eat healthily, move a lot, enjoy time with his family, learn new things and enjoy every day. He is interested in making small changes to every day’s habits to make life simpler.

photo - david with taisy